The site selected for Al Musannah Sport City occupies an area of 1.014.348 m2 and its shape is roughly a trapezium. The complex  should have the potential to offer international / Regional (GCC) Sports events and may eventually be as part of Asian / Olympic Games. The plot is almost flat, without any vegetation and at a lower level of about 2 m down from the nearby Batinah Coastal Highway. The surrounding area is on the process of development and the general site plan shows future urbanized areas. The main idea is to divide the site into the required zones, taking into consideration the course plot areas, the orientation of the site and the existing or the already planned infrastructures. We can describe the basic features as follows:

a. Creation of a sport orientated core, with the basic sports facilities and training areas.

b. Keeping the noisy, turbulent traffic structures away from the core by intervening the parking area and the volume of the proposed Mall.

c. Design of the fore mentioned Mall as a volume that embraces the complex with a unified architecture that creates smaller ‘ports’ for different uses. Its form is flowing, allowing circulation at ground level and has a green, bioclimatic roof.

d. Formation of a crescent shaped esplanade, with small oasis of water and palm trees which runs the complex from one end to the other. The esplanade provides a space for walk and recreation, but also connects all the basic elements of the synthesis as it runs through 4 of the 5 zones.

e. Emphasis on the way the site is connected with its surroundings, by means of vehicle and pedestrian circulation. The ‘City’ is connected with all the major highways, road rings, secondary streets and also with the public buildings area in the south.

f. Circulation is achieved by the creation of a two storey parking space and with the uplifting of the Mall at some areas, creating a bridge like effect.

g. Plantation defines routes, paths and geometrical formations of the plan. In fact the plants act like guidelines helping orientation for the users.

h. Special care in designing the commercial area of the master plan, as it is a part that needs to be attractive and inviting for visitors who will support, in this way, the project financially.

i. Innovative forms of buildings and appealing architecture.

The creation of such a multifunctional complex has a number of advantages and could be used as:

a. an hyper organized sports center capable of covering the needs of any sports event.

b. a large recreational area.

c. a great metropolitan park (when/if the surrounding is grown to urban characteristics).

d. a commercial center at any case.

e. a training centre for professional athletes/teams.

f. a contemporary oasis and compelling attraction for visitors.

In these ways, this Sport City can start to pay back the investment and play an important role in the growth and the development of the area in general.