02.2013 / Residence in Glufada.

The construction of this 800,00 m2 family house, studied by DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS, is in progress and the main structure has been completed. The constuction site is situated at 7 Dimokratias st in Glufada. DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS have been asigned with the supervision of the construction works. The building is beeing constructed by KDI CONTRACT LTD (www.kdi.gr).

12.2012 / New Restoration study agreement for DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS.

DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS has been assigned with the study for the “Restoration of the Zourtsa Temple” in Ano Figalia in Peloponissos. This Byzantine monument was constructed in the 10th century and has been published by proffessor Haralampos Bouras since 1969.

11.2012 / Restoration studies for two traditional buildings in Nisyros.

DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS has undertake the restoration studies of two traditional houses in the settlement of  Emporios in Nisyros. The project includes the conversion of the two houses into traditional hostels.

11.2012 / Pharmacy store in Haidari.

The construction of  the Pharmasy store in Haidari, designed by DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS has been competed. The company was assigned with the projects supervision and the construction was realised by KDI CONTRACT (www.kdi.gr).

11.2012 / Conservation of Panagia Katholiki in Gastouni.

The construction of the project “Conservation of Panagia Katholiki in Gastouni” are beeing proceced according to the study of DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS that has been aproved by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

10.2012 / Preservation of the temple of Virgin Marry in Asfakia in Arta area.

The construction of the project “Preservation of the temple of Virgin Mary in Asfakia Arta” has been concluted. The works took place according to Dolihos Architects study who also suprvised the project.


10.2012 / Photography studio in Kolonaki Athens.

The construction of the interior modulation of the Photography studio in Kolwnaki ” STUDIO PANOULIS” has been concluted. The study and supervision of the project were realized by DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS.