DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS was established in 2003, as a result of the long-lasting and effective co-operation between the architectural offices of Dimitris Krokidis – George Tsironis and Periklis Palios.

The company has realized architectural projects in Greece, Cyprus and other countries, having acquired extensive experience in the arts, culture, educational facilities and residential work. Other projects include retail design, office design, public utilities, and master planning. 

DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS  also specializes in restoration, refurbishment and development of historical buildings and settlements, a field in which its partners and collaborators share significant knowledge and long-lasting experience. In the same field, it offers consulting services to other architectural firms, engineers, construction companies, real estate agencies, public authorities and others.

Furthermore, DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS  leads the architectural signage market by providing comprehensive wayfinding solutions nationally and worldwide. Within 15 years of commitment to architectural signage, the company has been assigned with major projects held internationally, with the Athens 2004 Olympic Games venues signage being the largest and most significant.

Since 2009 the activities of the company have expanded in Cyprus and aims at further expansion, through co-operation with foreign architectural and technical offices.

DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS is pursuing high quality architectural design, through extensive research and development. Continuously experimenting on new materials and techniques. A strong fresh team of young, highly qualified and motivated architects shares common enthusiasm for innovative and imaginative architecture.

DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS is located at the center of Athens, near the Acropolis station (14-18 Karea St), in an open plan working area of 30 people capacity, equipped with cutting-edge technology on drawing tools and communication systems, the latter allowing audio, video, or web conference meetings with people inside and outside the company.

As a result, DOLIHOS ARCHITECTS offer high standard innovative design, of all scales and sectors, defined by aesthetically and technically integrated solutions according to the latest construction standards.