Dimitris Krokidis is a partner in Dolihos Architects. He, along with George Tsironis is in charge of Restoration Projects that the firm undertakes. Mr Krokidis is a registered architect and architectural conservator. He holds a BArch in architectural engineering from the National Technical University in Athens, Greece (1994) and MA in Conservation Studies IoAAS from the Univercity of York (1996). He is a member of ICOMOS Greece, the Technical Chamfer of Greece and the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage.



“Registration of water powered plants in the island of Samos”
“Reusage of the old tannages of Samos”
“The traditional tannage manufacture in Karlovasi – Samos”
“A trial for registration of the old tannages of Karlovasi – Samos”
“The Profitis Ilias monastery in Karlovasi – Samos”
“Tanning Plants on the Island of Samos and the Role of the Sea”
“Tanning Plant of Dimitris Ipsilantis”
“Tanning Plant of D. Th. Talabekou and Sons 1890”