The two-storey summer house in Milos Island is located in the middle of the plot, according to the local building regulations. The residence can be accessed from the west, through a stone path that follows the topography of the site, up to the main entrance of the house. The entrance can be approached through a hidden and protected courtyard on the back, which also brings light into the house.

The design concept wishes to divide the volume into small cubes, thus creating a sequence of indoor and outdoor spaces, with respect to the landscape. Furthermore, it uses the precedent of earth-retaining stone walls to create an artificial landscape that is both rural and domestic in use.

Several yards and gardens, clearly defined according to function, develop around it.

The swimming pool, located near the living quarters, provides a visual unification of the pool water surface and the sea, through the overflow on the western edge. The lap pool becomes deeper as it approaches the main pool.