The aim of this project was the upgrading of the outdoor car-parking space of a hotel complex in order to correspond to the high standards of the final offered tourist product. The interventions proposed were aiming to harmonize the parking space with the contemporary prescriptions, the safety of the users, the functionality, the safe cost budget of the construction and the creation of an image that would seem more like a “garden” constituting the natural sequence of the unique landscape of the region, inside which they would temporarily park their vehicles instead of an urban area. In order to accomplish this image materials like rusted metal sheets and dark-colored pebbles were chosen matching the natural landscape. In order to create the image of a “garden” the following were proposed:

– Accurate limits concerning the flowerbeds with the use of rusted metal sheets.

– Planting of flowerbeds using dense but low plantation.

– Deconstruction of the peripheral curb.

– Creation of a transitory zone between the stamped concrete and the grey-brown pebbles metal sheet.

– Replacement of the lights with new ones having a simple geometrical shape of a rusted metal sheet.

– In the areas were separating zones of parking spaces exist, lights of narrow beam set on the vertical metal sheets will be placed.